dui attorney in Apple Valley, MN and Lakeville, MN

Pulled Over on Your Way Home From the Bar?

Work with an Apple Valley, MN DUI attorney

Did you underestimate how much alcohol you had before you got in your car? Even a first-time DUI charge can come with serious consequences, including jail time. That's why it's important to hire an experienced DUI attorney.

If you live in Apple Valley, MN, connect with McDonough Law. You can trust us to handle any DUI case, from the fourth to the first degree. Schedule a consultation with our DUI attorney today to start building your case.

Handling severe DUI cases

Not every DUI case is cut and dry. Many additional circumstances could lead to harsher consequences. Thankfully, we have experience taking on DWI cases involving:

  • Boating while impaired
  • Possession of controlled substances
  • Children in vehicles
  • Suspended licenses
  • Underage drivers
  • Bodily harm

We can also provide a DWI refusal defense, which occurs when the driver refuses to take a breathalyzer test when asked. Contact us today to learn more about DWI refusal defenses.